søndag 4. mai 2014

The storyteller’s story

There is a man sitting in a house in Odda, in a room overlooking the bay, a man who tells stories from large and small events in Odda. He has named his blog «Oddajangen» and he has had a long working life as a journalist and writer. In 2007, he was hit by a powerful brain stroke, and after an initial recovery period, he was for a while dependent on a wheelchair to come out and around in the local community. 

Jangen is the type of man who does not give himself over. He struggled up from the wheelchair and can now walk again. Jangen has in recent years started an impressive storytelling project with his blog, where he publishes almost daily ever new stories about people who have lived or are living in the community of Odda. He has these years published more than 800 stories in his blog, and this year he released a selection of his internet stories in paper book format, to the delight of the many who are not on the internet. Here is Jangen's story with his own words:


«Close to Oddajangen» (2011)

The years go fast. It's been nine years since I quit Haugesund Avis (The Haugesund Journal). The very best working years I have had. I started in 1970 and worked with Haugesund Avis until 2004 .

Now it's different. Retirement age became busy enough. Book about Tyssefaldene, a giant bang (cerebral hemorrhage) in 2007, one year of rehabilitation (an amazing rehab in Odda). Participated in a book in 2009, wrote "The Other Harding " which came out last fall and writing - mostly - daily for my blog. "Oddajangen."

Became grandfather for the seventh time and great-grandfather for the first and second time in 2010 and in 2012. The cerebral hemorrhage was important and was not possible to operate. I was driving around with the electric chair at 9.9 kilometers per hour, but walking more and more. Speaking roughly clean. On Friday nights I lie down in my special bed, have a glass of red wine, ok two, watching the Golden Numbers (Lotto) on the national tv channel, NRK, watching Thomas and Harald on TV2 and ....... snoring , snoring. I'm afraid the rest disappears into the dark of night.

I started the blog to tell and at the same time preserve the stories from our little part of the world. But it has become more and more local politics. I have since 1970 followed Odda politics, I think I have some idea what 's going on. What has happened in recent years - behind the scenes - is not particularly beautiful. If everything came up in the light, there is much evidence to suggest that some political careers would get in serious trouble.

Some probably think that I'm a little too direct, but it's my way of saying things. Moreover, I believe that politicians should accept critical eyes. There should always be a critical focus on the politics conducted.